Another 100% pass rate with mostly bachelors passess, fewer diploma passes and no certificate passes.


PROUD: Clr Tyrell Meyers, clr Michael Crichton, Manny de Freitas MP, Kammy Dhanphat (representative from the school district) and Morgan Radebe (school principal) are proud of the school's success for the second consecutive year.

KENILWORTH High School has, for the second consecutive year, obtained a 100 per cent matric pass mark with 80 per cent bachelor’s pass and a 20 per cent diploma pass. This school is also the best-performing school in Johannesburg South. To celebrate this achievement, the school principal, Morgan Radebe, hosted a celebration. Mr Radebe invited councillor Tyrell Meyers, the DA representative for ward 124, as the school falls within this ward. Clr Michael Crichton, who represents ward 56, was also present, as many of the learners attending this school come from his ward. Special guest Manny de Freitas, member of parliament for Johannesburg South, was also invited. In his address, Clr Meyers congratulated the learners and encouraged them to continue with their hard work in their future endeavours.

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