Water interruptions are now being implemented.
Water shortages in Joburg due to very low levels and high consumption.
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The effects of the water restrictions are now apparent.
There have been a number of cases where water to particular suburbs has temporarily run out.

Some technical matters:

Rand Water has cut the supply to Johannesburg by 15% in volume.

• This means that JW reservoirs cannot recharge at the same rate

• So, we have to restrict supply by 15%.

• Some suburbs have shown no drop in demand. JW will target these areas.

• High lying areas are affected first.

• Areas that are on direct feed are also easily affected as there is no reservoir/water tower to balance supply. It is not apparent to residents who is on direct feed, nor do they necessarily know the reservoir that supplies them. But this is often the reason for some residents being affected but adjacent areas still having water. It is not victimisation.

• When a reservoir actually runs dry it can take days to restore. This is not like switching electricity on and off. So, JW have to protect the level in the reservoir at all costs. This may mean temporary loss of supply to residents.

• JW cannot supply water tankers unless the situation persists for a long time.

• We have not banned car-washes. The legal ones have to recycle at least 50% of their water.

• JW crews are continually repairing bursts. Turnaround time is of the essence but understand that the crews are often stretched, and contractors who are installing various infrastructure in the pavements are the cause of many bursts. Community matters

• Residents have to accept that if there is no compliance with the water restrictions there will be consequences on their community.

• There is still blatant disregard to the requirement that irrigation systems are switched off at all times. This was demonstrated when demand dropped significantly during the recent short rains.

• As you know JMPD have limited enforcement capacity • We therefore do depend on building some community public spiritedness on this matter. I encourage you to assist in this process.

• While we have restrictions and a penalty tariff (as explained before) residents must be aware that this is not a Joburg only matter. Tshwane is suffering from far more supply outages than Johannesburg, while restrictions are more severe in Cape Town – buckets only (no hoses) - and penalty tariffs are much more punitive. Communication Channels

• Joburg Connect Call Centre is the official channel011 375 5555

• Follow JW on Twitter at jhbwater.

• JW sends sms’s direct to targeted residents where their database makes this possible.

For example, when a reservoir is running dry residents are requested by sms to choke back demand.
Councillor Anthony Still MMC – Environment and Infrastructure Services Department.


VAAL DAM level approaching 60%!!

16 Jan:59,15%
9 Jan:49,56%
2 Jan:44,36%
26 Dec:42,12%
19 Dec:41,16%
5 Dec:37,58%
28 Nov:35,9%
21 Nov:33,13%
14 Nov:30,71%,
7 Nov:26,08% - Worst level